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Governor Mutfwang Visits ASTC in Bokkos to Boost Economic Growth in Plateau State

Bokkos, Plateau State – Governor Mutfwang paid a strategic visit to the Agricultural Services, Training Centre, and Marketing Ltd. (ASTC) in Bokkos, signaling a strong commitment to enhancing the state’s agricultural sector and overall economic prosperity.

Accompanied by the Managing Director and CEO of ASTC, Dr. Susan Bentu, Governor Mutfwang toured the facility with a keen focus on revitalizing its operations. The visit underscored the Governor’s ambition to rejuvenate key legacy projects initiated by the state’s founders, aiming to drive economic growth and development throughout Plateau State.

“Revitalizing ASTC is crucial for advancing our state’s agricultural capabilities and ensuring sustainable economic development,” Governor Mutfwang remarked during the tour. “We are committed to investing in strategic sectors that will uplift the well-being of our citizens and secure a prosperous future for Plateau State.”

This visit reflects Governor Mutfwang’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing economic growth and improving the quality of life for Plateau State residents. His administration’s efforts to restore and enhance legacy projects are expected to significantly contribute to the state’s development trajectory.

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