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Research has shown that Potato production in Plateau State currently accounts for up to 90 per cent of potato production in Nigeria.

Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, has his foresight and determination in improving on the local economy of Plateau state by making Agriculture a cardinal point in his administration. Focusing on projects for potato production and processing capable of boosting the state’s economy and providing job opportunities, especially to the teeming population of youths.

With Plateau State keen on increasing its potato production and its value chain to further create more jobs and boost its economy as current economic situation in Nigeria calls for a complete shift of focus to Agriculture.

The potato project centered on a partnership between ASTC & M Ltd and a private company, Fruits And Veggies to attract additional increase in potato output to millions of tons of high quality potatoes.

To increase potato production and its value chain, to further create more jobs and boost its economy, About 4.4025 high-quality seeds were multiplied and sold to farmers thereby encouraging better yields. The goal was to increase production capacity from current thousands of metric tons to millions of tons.


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